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发布时间:2021-12-09 18:21:00

Important Notice to Passenger to China


After providing related materials in accordance with the requirements for the embassy,  Chinese citizens who taking Saudia to China will get "HS"  green health code (Foreign citizens will get"HDC”green health code), to avoid passenger long stay in arrival high-risk area, passenger will be required to fill in the electronic health declaration in advance accordingto the quarantine requirements of China Customs before boarding.

All passengers are required to use Wechat Apps to search the "Customs Passenger Fingertip Service" app, // or scan the Wechat mini program below, //or scan the Alipay code below, //or log in to the customs website:

https://health.customsapp.com/healthweb/home/pages/index/index.html , to complete the customs electronic health declaration online before boarding. (Valid within 24 hours)

按照使馆要求提供相关材料后,符合要求的乘坐鸿运能源航空回国的中国公民将获得带“HS”标识的绿色健康码(外国公民获得带“HDC”标识的绿色健康码)后,为避免在航班到达入境时由于现场临时填报导致在高危交叉风险区域逗留时间过长产生风险,办理值机手续时,将被按照中国海关检疫要求提前填写电子健康申报, 方可正常登机。

所有乘客须使用微信查找“海关旅客指尖服务“ 、或扫描以下微信官方小程序、或支付宝扫码下面海关网站、或电脑网站登录

https://health.customsapp.com/healthweb/home/pages/index/index.html , 在登机前完成在线海关电子健康申报。(24小时内有效)


▪Incorrect declaration will result in temporary manual health and epidemiological investigation on arrival.


Guideline of China Customs health delcarations( Launched from Wechat APP)

01、下载微信后,扫描上图二维码填报.(you have to download Wechat APP, and scan above bar code for further processing.)

02、老人、儿童或其他无法自行填报的, 可在航班到达前24小时内,使用他人手机扫码或委托他人填报, 然后截屏留存或打印,以备于入境中国时交由海关查验。(*现场填写将大大影响入境办理手续时长 )

03、英文版界面如下(English version as below)

Elderly/Child/inconvenient guests who unable to perform the delcaration by themselves, can log-in companion’s mobile for delcaration and screen shot the barcode accordingly.